The Sentinels of the Multiverse . . . Have To Stay Home Too.

Ah… Sentinels of the Multiverse. By now you, who I am assuming is not nerdy enough to like Sentinels, are wonder, “what is this Sentinels thing, anyways? This ‘Milo’ is a phony, if that is really his name. Goodbye forever!” Well the first thing I have to say to those people is: don’t leave. Sentinels is a super-fun comic-book superhero-themed card game, which they made on an app to for all the video gamers of the world. The base box has limited heroes, villains, and environments, but there are a lot of expansions, some of which I am even lucky enough to get. This is probably the section I will write about most, I think. I play a lot of games a day, and when the dining room table isn’t being used for a puzzle, it’s filled with Sentinels cards. I’ll be logging the more interesting games I play. For those who don’t know how to play, though…

Here is a link.

  • So, this game was against The Dreamer. We played with Parse, Ra, Stuntman, and Chrono-Ranger. Okay, so maybe we just picked a bunch of big damage-dealers, but The Dreamer is hard! We played in the Time Cataclysm, but that didn’t really matter because it didn’t hurt us that bad. In the end, we were all below 10 hit points (HP), but we pulled it out. Stuntman got Lance-Flammes out early, so he was killing of The Dreamer’s projections, which were already weakened from Ra and Parse. Chrono-Ranger didn’t really do much, so it might have been easier to just leave him out of the mix. But we did win, so, yay for us.
  • Next was a game against Progeny. Progeny is ranked level 4 in the rulebook, which is the hardest level a villain can be. Progeny’s games are really harsh, and you have to be willing to take a lot of damage. A lot of damage. We played with Unity, Captain Cosmic, The Wraith, and Mister Fixer. Unity wasn’t really able to get her mechanical golem cards out, so was basically powerless. In the end, Progeny just beat us to death in the Silver Gulch, 1883, which was our environment. So, yeah, we did lose, but hey, Progeny’s tough!
  • For my third act (game), I’m playing Cosmic Omnitron, a variant of the villain Omnitron, who is a robot. We’re playing with Omnitron’s nemesis, Omnitron-X (who’s basically a reformed Omnitron, here to fight other evil Omnitron incarnations), Haka, Tachyon, and Parse in Omnitron IV, the Omnitron environment. There guys really go all out with their Omnitron storyline. Cosmic Omnitron really hit us hard—we were at lower HP than our game game with Progeny. Both Haka and Omnitron-X were incapacitated, meaning they were reduced to 0 or fewer HP. I’m not surprised about Omnitron-X, because being a nemesis means you deals extra damage to your nemesis and are dealt extra damage by your nemesis. Tachyon was at 1 HP, and Parse was at 10 (what?!). But we won. Tachyon got two hypersonic Assaults out at the last second and dealt Cosmic Omnitron 30 damage in total.
  • In another game, we played against Miss Information, who’s pretty tricky too. She has no HP on her first side, and once she flips she starts dealing a bundle of damage. We played in the Mobile Defense Platform with heroes Sky-Scraper, The Naturalist, The Idealist, and Doctor Medico. She never really hurt us that bad, and since she flipped early in the game, and since she didn’t have much HP, The Idealist just took her out on the spot with about 20 damage from the Karate Robot.
  • Next is The Chairman. The Chairman is also a 4, and is super-duper tricky. The Chairman has not just one character card, but two—himself, and The Operative. You really need to take care of The Operative quickly, or the game goes downhill. We couldn’t get traction with Expatriette, K.N.Y.F.E., Parse, and The Idealist in the Ruins of Atlantis. In the end, we pulled it out. None of us were incapacitated, but all of us were close. Technically I didn’t do this, but Expatriette and K.N.Y.F.E. should have been at 2 HP, not 5 HP.
  • Wow—this post is getting long. This is my, what, sixth game? Yeah. I’m playing Infinitor. He’s a level 3, and I’d keep him as a level 3, he’s just a low 3. I’m playing with The Scholar, Writhe, NightMist, and The Sentinels in Omnitron IV. He beat us up pretty good, and getting a lot of manifestation cards out too. We actually lost, which proves the anything can happen in Sentinels. He was just slowly wearing us down until we were all gone.
  • I got a new villain today—Wager Master. He’s a “cosmic challenge”. Sort of an omnipotent game show host. We played with Captain Cosmic, Sky-Scraper, Tachyon, and NightMist. Ah, the craziness of the randomizer. Funny, though. Wager Master has all of these condition cards, which have all these win/lose conditions on them. We got one right of the bat: at the end of the villain turn, if all heroes have an even number of HP but less then their maximum HP, the heroes win. We won on the first villain turn. Nothing more to say.
  • So, there’s actually a whole other mode of playing in Sentinels. It’s the Team Villain Mode, or Vengeance Mode, where you play against multiple easier villains instead of one hard one. My next game was a Team Villain game. I played against Baron Blade (Vengeance Mode Style; some villains have two personas: Vengeance Style and normal.), Fright Train not Freight Train, Ermine, and Proletariat and his clones. Our heroes were Stuntman, The Sentinels (interesting—they have four mini-character cards), The Wraith, who is Ermine’s nemesis, and Bunker, who is Fright Train’s nemesis. We fought a mighty battle in the Dok’Thorath Capital. We incapacitated Ermine first, and then it got hard. We all got below 20 HP, then below 15. We took out Proletariat, but The Sentinels kept up alive. Writhe and Mainstay, two of The Sentinels’ heroes, have big damage reductions. They were the ones being damage, because they had the highest HP, so they absorbed all the damage, and we took out Fright Train and Baron Blade. It was a little iffy near the end, but we did it! We win! Haha! (More Vengeance games to come.)

That’s Right, We Are All Sad.

Well, it’s that time of century. There’s a pandemic going around. I guess it’s a break from worrying about Global Warming . . . there’s a silver lining to everything. But really. This isn’t funny. Stop it now. We get it. Next time we’ll be better prepared. Maybe. So here’s what I’m doing. I mean, I can’t say I’m making the most of my time. If you saw me curled up on the couch this morning watched four straight episodes of The Office, you would know that.